The Wasatch Academy
for the Refinement of Ladies & Gentlemen of Leather

What is the Wasatch Academy?

The Wasatch Academy for the Refinement of Ladies and Gentlemen of Leather—sometimes refered to as Wasatch Leather Academy or simply WLA for short—is a finishing school for adults located in Salt Lake City under the direction of Headmistress Lady Jodi Bingham.

The purpose is to instruct members of the local BDSM-Leather-Fetish community on a wide array of manners, etiquette, and protocol—used both in and outside of the leather lifestyle—to aid them in becoming proper ladies and gentlemen. The subject matter is appropriate and pertinent for all citizens of the community who are interested in learning refinement, whether they be Top, bottom, Dominant, submissive, or slave. Corporal punishment is not meted out, only gentle correction is used when necessary.

It is an extended course which meets on a weekly basis over several months to a year, taught by Lady Jodi as well as guest instructors and alumni. Class size is limited in order to give the greatest amount of focus needed for each individual.

The Wasatch Academy is about humanity and living one’s life with grace. The course will instruct adults in manners and etiquette fit for proper ladies and gentlemen, and will of course include appropriate protocols and information for the leather society to which we belong. Students become proficient in The Art of Conversation and Non-Verbal Communication, Public Speaking and How to Give the Perfect Presentation, Correspondence, Public and Private Behavior and Attitudes in Leather, etc. as well as more technical offerings such as Dining and Service, Taking Tea, and Corseting, etc. All lessons are designed for self-empowerment, self-confidence, and personal improvement regardless of gender, sexual identity or position in leather.

Each year also brings with it new instructors who have volunteered their expert skills and knowledge. They have each designed exclusive programs just for Wasatch Academy, and we are equally excited and honored to have them share their time and talents with us as they are to present and participate.

Past classes have began early in the year, but we are currently revising the timetable. The entire course takes approximately ten months. Class meets on a weekly basis each Sunday afternoon for two to three hours, except on noted holidays. Class size is limited in order to maximize the attention required for each pupil. Because of this, we ask that only those committed to giving the time and energy necessary apply.

If you have any questions, please first refer to the list of frequent questions to see if your answer is there already.

With Respect,

Lady Jodi Bingham